Child Labour

Child LabourChild labour is called as work done by those small children who are yet under-aged as per by law. By ‘Work Done’, we mean that work which is done by the under-aged children in factories or showrooms or any other place to earn money to sustain their livelihood or of their families.

CHILD is a word that is used for very young persons; an age to study, play, enjoy and have very big dreams in small eyes. But does all children enjoy in this small age? Do you really think that all the children study and play in this age?

Lets discuss in India the condition of such children. According to one survey, in year 1971, the number of working children in developing country India was 10,753,985 while in 1991 it was increased up to 11,285,349 and now-a-days it has increased to 60 million. 60 million, Is it a small number?

I know you are feeling very surprised to know this huge number. Some of you might not be believing on this stats. But it’s true. If you are Indian and residing here then you must have seen such small children working near footpaths.

No doubt, Indian government is taking steps to stop Child-Labor. But only on papers, not in real. Even today in every state, children are working at homes as domestic laborers, industrial laborers, not for earning money;  just for the survival. Then what would be the future of India? Is the answer Labour. No, no we have to come forward to stop it.

Only government is not responsible for such conditions of people. The persons or I can say we, the citizens of India, who appoint them are also responsible for such pitiable condition of children. In such a condition, it becomes our duty to come forward. Many organizations are set for such cause.

Child Labor Prevention Steps

Such steps like providing such poor children free education, educating people, especially villagers about the ill-effects of child labor and creating awareness through education must be taken. Such families who do not have any child should come forward to adopt such homeless children so that they must have home.

Children (Coming Generation ) are the future of any nation and we must give their small eyes big dreams; so that they can spread their wings and can fly away in open sky and bring India up to that level where developed nations are.

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12 Responses to "Child Labour"

  1. Vishal says:

    nice idea
    Iam labour
    Auto chalata hu

  2. M.r.fazil says:

    I am fazil now studing in class 8.I saw many children are working in Earvadi darga.I report that childworking should be stoped.

  3. M.r.fazil says:

    I a m.r.fazil of class 8-A.Stying in kandal ooty.I am reporting that childworking should stop.

  4. adarsh gadekar says:

    Those people who keep children at their house for work should be beaten by the society members n not at all allow them to lead a good life ……. there life should be made like hell …… this way we can Change India. ….. get into the power people. ….. show ur unity power …… kill child labour

  5. uzma says:

    thanks it helped me a lot in my school homework… Child labour is a crime against humanity and it really need to be stoped..

  6. Jagriti says:

    Thanks a lot for the article….
    It helped so much.
    Nice effort!!

  7. BS Meena says:

    Child labour should stop and punish to those people have child labour

  8. sachin rajput says:

    plzzzzz take some step tooo cantrol this problm bcoz whose children are part of my country or state ya city plzzzzz stop stop it

  9. Anushka says:

    very good
    we should stop this

  10. Manushka says:

    Thanks a lot !!! I got a lot of information.

  11. Roshni Singh says:

    Jaake kaam karo time mat waste
    Karo inke comments padh ke

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