Amar Singh Tapes Transcript with Bipasha Basu

A secret tape is been leaked in which former Samajwadi Party Leader Amar Singh talks gross and flirty to Bollywood Actress Bipasha Basu. To this, Bipasha denies all this conversations and says that it’s not her voice in the tape and she is innocent.

The actress said that someone is trying to deface her and she had never talked to Amar Singh in this way.

She further added that she requests all to listen the talks first and then only decide if the tape has the girls’ voice as of her or not. She said that the voice no way resembles to that of her voice and it should not be compared at all. The voice is of another girl that’s been plotted against her.

Bipasha on her twitter page tweeted that it’s her open challenge for all who can prove it as the real voice.
Till now there was ban on the tape to be leaked in media by Supreme Court but the Court lifted the ban yesterday on Wednesday, 11 May.

Bollywood Actress who recently broke off her long around 10 years relationship with her boy-friend John Abraham said that all these are rumors and she never talks in this way.

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Amar Singh Tapes Transcript with Bipasha

She said that rumors and these types of allegements are a part of every star and celebrity but some blames are intolerable. Her such talks with Amar singh is challenging her reputation as a celebrity and as a girl. So, this is untolerable for her and for this, she can take any step. She said that there’s some limit on making stories and when that boundary line is crossed, no one can bear it, be it a common man or a star. And same is the case with her. She said that she will take the matter very seriously and will punish the defaulters. She can also drag the wrong-doers to the court, if required.

Amar Singh-Bipasha Basu Full Audio Tape Sex Talkings & Conversation

Amar – Hello.
Bipasha – (Singing voice) Haalloo…
Amar – Helllllooooo…
Bipasha – (Singing voice) Hi how are you?
Amar – (Singing voice) I am fine.
Bipasha – How have you been? We are talking after a long time.. right?
Amar: : Yes
Bipasha – You have been busy or something ?
Amar – Kaun…..bip.
Bipasha – (laughing) Bipasha…Bipasha…ya…I saw you twice at that award function
Amar – Really?
Bipasha – So tell me.when you are going to meet me?
Amar – Where do you want to meet sweetheart? I’ve been very busy.
Bipasha – Are you busy?
Amar – It is very tough.
Bipasha – (laughing) It is very tough.
Amar – But I will soon take the time.
Bipasha – ok sweety
Amar – Very nice of you to remember me.
Bipasha – (Laughing) I always remember you dear.
Amar – An old man like me.
Bipasha – Sorry.. I am sorry
Amar – An old fossil like me.
Bipasha – Old fossil like you.
Amar – yes..yes
Bipasha – I don’t think that the age matters. Do you think so?
Amar – It matters between the legs correct?
Bipasha – (Laughing loudly) Oh God…ha ha..all right ……you try removing time now… It is been almost a month now that we have not met each other
Amar – Ya we will meet.
Bipasha – Ok..right..keep in touch always…see you soon..bye…

Bipasha Basu-Amar Singh Video

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