Giant Sea Monster found in Taiwan, Thailand

A 12 ft yellow Ribbonfish is found on the coast of Miaoli, in north West Taiwan, Thailand.

This fish is only found in the deep waters but when it was found on the coast, people started running away in fear.

Xie Lu, a fisherman said that people started packing up to leave. They thought that some earthquake or tsunami is about to come and they started fleeing.

Experts believe that due to earthquake in Japan, the fish might have come out. Due to the devastating Japan’s earthquake, many sea animals are forced to leave their natural home place i.e., deep into the sea waters and to come on the land. This Ribbon Fish also might have come on the coast due to the same reason.

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But whatever the reason may be, it created a huge panic in the people of Taiwan and especially who saw that huge monster. People have become very scary on this incident.

Whether the scientists say that the huge ribbon fish has come out due to the earthquake but people are worried after this incident. One person said that he felt very frightened when he first saw that monster fish. It was looking like a devil. People added that they need to take special care of their children now. Had the fish been alive, it would have taken the human lives.

One person said that anything can happen now. He don’t trust anybody. It was so big that it could have easily eaten one human being.

It was so big that three men were required to hold it so that it can be shown to the public. See in below picture.

Sea Monster in Thailand

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