How to Chat in Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo ChatYahoo messenger, the product of yahoo, is one of the most popular software used for chat-communication whether it is a text chat, video chat or voice chat. Now it is easy to stay in touch with family, friends and relatives around the world.

Yahoo is providing the free instant messaging in all over the world. For chatting, you just need a yahoo Id. You can also discuss on various types of topics according to your need and knowledge that you want to gain. Even there are many categories that you will find in Yahoo Chat like Business & Finance, Computer & Internet, Cultures & Community, Entertainment & Arts, School & Education, Science etc.

So here we are discussing steps that teaches us the way by which one can chat through yahoo messenger. It is very simple. You just have to follow the below mentioned steps:

Yahoo Messenger Chatting Steps

1. To do chat in yahoo messenger, first of all you should have a yahoo Id. And if you don’t have a yahoo id just click here to Sign Up.

2. Open the Yahoo Messenger.

3. After this web application opens, sign-in with your Id and password.

4. Now to do chat, you have to join a Chat Room.

5. Click on the ‘Messenger’ on the upper left side of the Yahoo Messaging app.

6. A drop down list will be displayed. Click ‘Yahoo Chat’ –> ‘Join a Room’.

7. A box will be opened. Click on any country and the rooms will be displayed on the right hand side of that box. Double click on any room.

8. A window will open with name ‘Connecting to Yahoo Chat’. Click on the ‘Enter Chat’ button there.

9. Now the window will ask you something like “For entering hat-room, please enter below characters shown”. You just have to fill the characters there.

10. Click on the Submit button.

That’s all. Now the persons with which you can do chatting are available in front of you.

You can also watch the tutorial and video shown below to become an expert in chatting.

Chatting in Yahoo Messenger – Video

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