Author: Atul

Top tips to boost business success

If you are a business owner, regardless of the size or age of your business (big, small, new, or established), it is probably a key, if not the main goal of your organization to be as successful as it possibly can. Of course, success means different things to different people, […]

Tallest Man Meets Smallest Man

Today I am going to add a new category, YouTube to, in which I be putting some popular videos from youtube. As a first post for YouTube category, I am sharing the video ‘Tallest Man Meets Smallest Man’. Bao Xishun, 60 year-old, from Inner Mongolia, 7 feet and 9 […]

12 Longest and Most Difficult Words in English

How much you know English ? Do you consider yourself good in English ? So try to get the meanings of below mentioned 12 longest and most difficult words of English Language. These words could prove a good tool to create your impression on others in commanding English Language. 1. […]

Beware of Job-cheaters

Last Sunday, while in New Delhi, I was going to my friend’s home, seating in the public bus. Two men, seating on a seat behind mine, were abusing each other. As I was in bus, so their discussion was not properly audible but the theme was clear. One of them […]

Holi-the festival of colors

Holi, the festival of colors, is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm, all over the India. People throw colors on each other. Children stand on the roof of their houses and throw balloons filled with colored water on the passing people from their streets or roads. Children especially celebrate this […]

Benefits of Drugs

You all might have heard about the drawbacks / disadvantages of inhaling drugs (alcohol, tobacco, heroine,..etc.). But have you ever thought that are there any advantages of inhaling drugs. YES, there are… Apart from disadvantages, Drugs do also have certain benefits on their own. Due to which, the persons taking […]