Ocean Of Web shifted their servers to Hostgator

A week before, we shifted our servers from Hostican from Hostgator. Hostican is good, even I can say, it’s the cheapest web hosting. Their Base-host plan allows you to host unlimited domains. If you want to go with Hostican, use coupon summerheat-12 and it will cost you $76.32 for unlimited number of domains hosting. Isn’t it good?

But to be very frank, sometimes Hostican really sucks. The day my visitors crossed 1500. Hostican gave me high-load issues. Site became down. So is this tolerable? But if you are good in optimizing your database queries and your site is in initial stages or you want to host static sites, you can go with Hostican without any fear. But when you are getting good love from your visitors, better upgrade to their VPS Hosting or opt for some better host as Hostgator or Bluehost.

One good news for you all. We have started our technical blog too- Tech Of Web. Please do visit it at http://techofweb.com. We would be writing here all the technical/blogging related stuff. As a first post, I would be giving link-love to my all blogging friends.

HostGator-Best Web Host

One question to you all?

Mine HosticanWeb Hosting is registered upto 15 Feb 2010. So how I should use this mine space till then. Any suggestions please. If somebody wants mine this Hostican space fully, please do contact me through ContactUs page.


  1. hey good that now you move to one of the best webhosting company, and also congratulation for new project

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  3. You can test niche websites on the hosticon.

  4. Hostgator is the best server provider and I want to tell you that my own blog is hosted on Hostgator.I didn’t received any trouble from their side so I’ll suggest that it is one of the best service provider.Go for hostgator even blindly.

  5. I ‘m die hard fan of Dreamhost, but recently bought one hostgator baby plan to try them also for my new blogs and must say I love it..and you will love it too…Just dont use their hotlinking protection.. There are some bugs there …

  6. Very good move, all are saying good words about hostgator.

  7. I had a very bad experience with Hostican. And from an Internet search I could see that lot of people are also having issues with Hostican.

    When your site starts getting visitors, they will pop up a “CPU Overload” message and your site will be down for hours or sometimes minutes. I ran a very small site with only html pages, no scripts etc. I shifted to a better host and now there are no errors. So think twice before hosting with Hostican.

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