5 Reasons Why Movie Tickets should be Booked Via Apps

It isn’t unknown that digitization has impacted our new age lifestyle in a huge way! In fact, it has also influenced the movie viewing experience in a rather positive manner. Today, no one has to stand in queues to get movie tickets. There are advanced apps such as EasyMovies and BookMyshowthat do the job seamlessly.

So have you been making full use of these online movie booking apps? If not, then here’s why you need to resort to these apps.

1. Its fast, simple and less time consuming: With time being the least thing that we have at hand today owing to our jobs and never ending personal chores, booking online movie tickets is one of the best ways to save time. That aside, the apps are super easy to use and simple to download as well on Android or iOS Smartphone’s. Also you can book movie tickets online anytime, from anywhere.

2. Know about the advance bookings: When you are using online movie booking apps, then you have the chance to know about the release dates for the upcoming movies. That isn’t all. You can even book your movie tickets advance online, sometimes at a cheaper rate and never miss out on the first day first show time.

3. Save yourself from the ticket booking line on weekends: The weekend time is when there’s maximum rush in the movie hall, even if it’s a multiplex. Not every time the traffic is smooth, so you might as well get late for to book your tickets and an eleventh hour booking always doesn’t provide you with the best seats. In addition to that, you might have to cross through a line in all the booking windows. Hence, when you have your movie tickets booked online, you can simply walk in 5 to 10 minutes prior to the specified movie time, get your pop-corn and fizz and walk in to the hall and have a great time!

4. Avail some of the best deals online: Popular online movie ticket booking apps from time to time provide some of the best online deals and discounts. This is to make the existing users of the apps save on their movie ticket purchase and also to woo in new customers. These offers are available in the form of buy one get one free, discounts and promotional offers, cash back offers, discounts on paying through specific bank credit or debit cards and the like! Here you get to save big!

5. You can pass on the ticket: Often there are situation when you thought you would be able to make it to watch your most-awaited latest release, but a crisis occurs or you encounter some health issues. This is where the online movie ticket booking bails you out from having wasting the ticket. You can always share the order id with your friend or anyone else interested to watch the movie by forwarding the SMS.

If you want to enjoy all of these above-mentioned benefits then start booking your movie tickets through online apps today!

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