Bollywood Actress Anushka Sharma detained at Mumbai Airport by Customs

It seems that the Customs department has thought of detaining all Bollywood celebrities. After Bipasha Basu, Minissha Lamba; it is now Actress Anushka Sharma who was detained at the Mumbai International Airport.

The 23 year old actress arrived at the airport after participating in the IIFA Awards that were going on in Toronto, Canada.
After attending the IIFA when she landed on India’s soil, she was caught by Indian Customs officials. When she was crossing the green channel, the officers suspected some costly metal in her bag. On being asked to open it, all found that she is carrying the ornaments worth of around 45 lakhs. Along with this, she was having two rings worth of 9 lakhs.

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Anushka said that these ornaments have been purchased from India and she declared these while going to Canada and so no taxes should be imposed on these. The tax-officers however enquired her for hours and only then allowed her to leave.
The jewellery-shopkeeper was also called by the police, from whom the bollywood actress claimed of being purchased the jewellery.

Actress Anushka Sharma detained by Customs
Actress Anushka Sharma at Airport

After hours when she was able to cross the green channel, the media persons circled her and started asking her questions regarding the same.

It is now said that the Income Tax department is questioning her about the 45 lakhs rupees with which she bought the diamond sets.

Looking as the girl is getting trapped from all the sides. Yesterday airport police caught her and left her only after around 3 hours discussion and now the ITR people are after her.

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