Kareena Kapoor to wed Saif Ali Khan soon

Bollywood Actress Kareena Kapoor is planning to soon marry Saif Ali Khan. However, she still denies of her marriage plans, but also confirms that she is also a girl and has the same feelings like other girls of her age and wants to marry and settle down soon.

The relationship between the two, Saif and Kareena is becoming stronger day by day. Both are being spotted together almost everywhere.

Kareena further reveals that soon India will see her in the bride dress and that not in any movie but in real life. She says that the marriage would be open and everybody will be aware of it. She will tell everybody about her wedding but before that date she needs to purchase something for her.

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She doesn’t have any traditional jewellery to wear in her wedding, some of it that the kapoor family had, is already taken by her elder sister Karisma. Her mother has given all the jewellery to the elder sis when she was married. On asking that why the difference between the 2 girls by her Mom, she laughingly says that because her mother doesnโ€™t think her as responsible. Her mother thinks that Kareena is too busy with the bollywood and cannot handle the ornaments. Buts she also confirmed that she will get that soon.

She said that Karisma and she have kept small pieces of jewelry for their weddings since childhood days. And her dream is to wear a Big Diamond Necklace on her wedding with a green and red outfit. She says that she is eagerly waiting for that beautiful day.

Kareena says that she love to receive gifts and want others to gift her on the wedding day. She knows what to do on that day and will act accordingly.
Kareena Kapoor to marry Saif Ali Khan

Further sharing a secret about Indian brides, she added that Indian Brides want to be the most beautiful in the wedding that any other guest and also want to look good than the groom. To look beautiful is preferred over any other thing that day, even over the groom, the groom is just the second option, kareena shared this smiling ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Well, let’s see when she is going to marry ๐Ÿ™‚

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