Rakhi Sawant – I want to wear Actress Sandra Bullock dress

The bollywood’s most talkative celebrity Rakhi Sawant is once again in the news for her same attitude – the interesting wordings that she speaks. Sometimes she desires to marry some famous celebrities and sometimes desires to wear some sort of clothes that becomes a headache for her movie’s producer.

Once she expressed her desire to marry Rahul Gandhi. Recently, he gave a laughing statement when she said that she can make only one person as her husband and that is Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. She even said that if she will not get Ramdev Baba then she will never marry in her whole life.

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Recently when Actress Kim Cardshiyan wore C-String panty, Rakhi also wished to wear the same panty. Now once again she is in news saying that she wants to wear the dress worn by Actress Sandra Bullock in Hollywood Movie ‘Demolition Man’. She is saying that the actress is looking beautiful in the movie and she would love to see herself in the Hollywood actress dress. She is saying that the beautiful dress has added stars in the beauty of Sandra Bullock and she wants to be the same.

On being asked that is this something she is doing to gain media-popularity and to achieve a role in Hollywood, she added that every girl wants to look beautiful, every girl keeps on trying new dresses to look more gorgeous and so she is doing. She is not doing anything to gain any notice from India or Foreign Media. And if Hollywood is concerned, she added that it’s true that every Bollywood actress wants to gain success in Hollywood, after getting good repo in Bollywood.
Rakhi dress like Sandra

Item Girl Rakhi Sawant said that she is eagerly waiting now for the new dress. She has already asked her designer to make a similar dress for her show ‘Gajab desh ki Ajab kahaniyan’. She has told that she will not perform further until she gets her favorite dress.

Don’t know whether Rakhi Sawant is doing all this to just be popular but her statements give her a lot of media attention and coverage and that too free of cost.

I can say Ms. Sawant as clever Rakhi 🙂

What you all say?

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