I wish to marry Baba Ramdev – Rakhi Sawant

One of the most talkative Bollywood Actress Rakhi Sawant who always wants to remain in the news by giving some mouth watering statements is once again in the headlines. This time she has again surprised everyone by expressing her wish to marry Indian Yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

Baba Ramdev is a celibate man who has taken the oath that he will never marry in his life. But Rakhi is hankering after the man. Don’t know if she would be successful in her desires.

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This is not first time that Ms. Sawant is giving the surprising statements but previously also she longed to marry Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and also commented that rahul’s mother Sonia Gandhi will not allow her to marry with her son.

Sometimes the bollywood actress do some amazing activities like once she went in Tihar Prison of India to greet the prisoners and said that she want to help the criminals and expressed her desires to give them some gifts. But the Inspector and Jailer didn’t allow her to do so. This annoyed the girl and she shouted in front of whole media. She said that it’s injustice and the jailer has hurt her feelings. She said that she was having the sympathy for the prisoners but the police did not want anybody to help those people. She said that the police of India did not want that the criminals become good citizens.
Rakhi Sawant proposes Baba Ramdev

This time she is saying that she is in love with the yoga guru and says that she likes the body of Baba Ramdev. On asking the reasons for the same, she explained that Ramdev is the person who inspired Rakhi to practice yoga daily. Practicing the yoga daily has changed her life both from physically and mentally.

Physically she has lost the 8 kilograms of body weight and thus is feeling healthier. Mentally she is feeling very fresh.

She says that Ramdev Baba is the man with whom she can live for her entire life. She loves him and wants to see him doing self yoga and teaching others. She is very much inspired by Ramdev and wants to live with him forever.

I don’t know whether yoga guru will accept Rakhi Sawant’s proposal or not.

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