Why Salman Khan is not married

One of the biggest stars of Bollywood, Mr. Salman Khan is in his 40’s and is still bachelor. He has not tasted marriage life yet. This is not that he does not want to marry but infact no girl is ready to marry him in today’s date. As far as Mumbai Film Industry is concerned, people say that Salman is very nice and kind-hearted man. Then the reason that why he is still unmarried and no girl wants to marry him is beyond imagination.

No doubt, Salman Khan is one of the successful actors of Bollywood and has a good grip over the industry. He also has friendly relations with almost all the famous Bollywood celebrities and personalities. Either the person is any actor, director or producer; all are good friends of Salman Khan. Even the actresses that work with him admire him a lot.

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Bollywood Hero Salman Khan tried a lot to marry with different actresses but everytime he failed. He made many girl-friends. All the new girls that enter in Mumbai Bollywood Industry make friendship with the actor. Both of them roam all around. Salman takes her in his movies. Media spread the rumors or news of actor’s marriage with that girl but when the girl becomes a good actress, she says no to her relationship with Salman.

This all happened with all Salman’s girl-friends like Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif etc. When these girls came to Mumbai with dreams of becoming actress in their eyes, they made good relations with the actor. The girls became Khan’s girl-friends. Salman asked his producers and directors to make those girls his co-actress in his movies. And when they were established, they left Khan.
Salman Khan Not Married

The actor’s father Salim Khan now also says that his son has not met any girl till now that can understand him and can prove his lifetime partner. However, he also added that his son can become a good boyfriend but not a good husband. And so, all beautiful girls leave him one after another. He said that he likes the habit of Salman to help the new-comers to make their careers, inspite the women cheats him.

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16 Responses to "Why Salman Khan is not married"

  1. zeynab says:

    I’m sure salman khan would marry soon because he is the world best human
    i looooooooooooooooove salman

  2. hema says:

    he is patiently waiting for the katrina equation to turn back. he really is deeply in love with her so looking for someone else is impossible.

  3. giri K says:

    I heard that he is success only because he is taking all the young actresses to meet Dawwod in Dubai. In turn Dawwod is funding his films even if there is no demand – his films are in same class as of Govinda films.

    That is why famous actresses will never marry him- there is too much stain and stigma attached..

  4. I want to marry Salman Khan. He is the best person after my dad in this world.

  5. ankit says:

    i like salman khan, because he is the best actor in this world

  6. Santosh says:

    Salman when will u marry.

  7. Ussama Khattak says:

    Dekho bhai duniya to dhoka hi karti hay koi bhi bina matlab kay ap say dosti nhi karay ga …………
    Salman bhai
    Har hath milnay wala dost nhi hota …..

  8. Chandana says:

    SALMAN ji can also become the greatest husband not only good boyfriend . Being soo kind, Salman ji would ONEDAY be a great husband to a woman he love and that day would not be not be too far { I believe }.

  9. Khyati says:

    I hope salman soon met a girl who understand him and proves a lifetime partner.

  10. abiha says:

    Hi salman khan you are my favourite actor I like you so much ……you can be a good husband ……I think your heart is simple but you r famous actor ….

  11. Husna says:

    Salman ?

  12. Husna says:

    Salman is the best ??

  13. Naila says:

    U believe in Love. U want some one to whom u like. n u dont found any one like that.Thay y u r unmarried….U r Real Man.

  14. Pooja Kshatriya says:

    I m ready to marry him

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