how to talk to girl

How to talk? To a girl?

Looking at the title, all the boys out there, you got excited? Yes? (Boys always would like to impress girls, and, of-course, girls do like to impress boys, it’s natural after all) you are right, this article might help you to impress a girl, or, might not! ( Kindly don’t […]

ice bucket challnge

The bucket challenge!

Washing, bathing, cleaning, storage are some of the usages of bucket which I know. But, recently, “the bucket” is getting famous in the names of “ice bucket and book bucket”. And, you know, there is another bucket which we love, guess? It is the KFC Chicken bucket. (Oops, you are […]

E Shopping

The spending boom during the festive season is that the people are flocking not only to shops, but also to the online bazaars. For those, who mind the best deals from quality merchants, can consider purchasing online. This is a boom for them, especially when they’re just a few clicks away. The internet obviously has […]

Era of Inflation

Prices are rising day by day. I think no day is passing when the price of atleast one item is not increasing. If one day the price of vegetables rises, then on second day price of daily usable things go high. This hike doesn’t stop in this way. On third day, the […]

Euthanasia And The Right To Die

Euthanasia, also known as mercy killing, is intentionally terminating another person’s life before time, either by direct intervention / active euthanasia or by withholding life-prolonging resources / passive euthanasia. This can happen both at the request of that person as well as in the absence of such approval. Euthanasia is often considered […]

Poverty In India

Poverty is one of the most attention-able situations of any country. Poverty means living the life below the poverty line. If a person is having difficulties in survival and is struggling for the fulfillment of the basic needs (food, water and shelter) then he/she is said to be facing the […]