Poverty In India

Poverty is one of the most attention-able situations of any country. Poverty means living the life below the poverty line. If a person is having difficulties in survival and is struggling for the fulfillment of the basic needs (food, water and shelter) then he/she is said to be facing the […]

Child Labour

Child labour is called as work done by those small children who are yet under-aged as per by law. By ‘Work Done’, we mean that work which is done by the under-aged children in factories or showrooms or any other place to earn money to sustain their livelihood or of […]

Nokia N900 Features and Price

No doubt, today Nokia is world’s leading mobile phone maker. We also know that in the field of mobile technology, the competition is increasing day by day. And if one has to stand in the market, it is necessary for that company to provide the mobile users not only the […]

Should Ragging be Banned

3-4 days before, I read in a newspaper that a student named Devendra jumped in front of the train as he was being tortured by his seniors during ragging. The dead body was found on Railway Tracks in Hyderabad. The family’s financial condition is also not so good. Devendra’s elder […]

Is it right to call Raju a fraud?

Ramalinga Raju, ex-chairman of Satyam, a name that is familiar to every common man today. Raju did 8000 crores rupees fraud in Satyam shares. But is it worth calling Raju as a fraud? If we go on by that Satyam employee’s mail, we are forced to think that Raju alone […]

Does Pakistan means Terrorism

After 26/11 Mumbai firing and recently attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team by Pakistani terrorists, what all these incidents signify. If we consider the case of India, not only 26/11, but prior to this also, Pak terrorists (or Pakistan, I can’t say that) has attacked Indians may a times. Pakistan […]

Future of Pakistan

India, gain its independence on 15 August 1947, the holy and most important day in the history of India. Communal Riots broke up between Hindus and Muslims, resulting in the creation of another country, Pakistan, as the homeland of Muslims. This was something on the history of Pakistan. Now, I […]