A Cop who is born to entertain

A Cop who is born to entertain

Now whenever a person thinks about a cop, a very serious thought comes to your mind. One can imagine a cop fighting crime. A Cop can be imagined¬† catching thieves and chasing thieves.¬† A traffic Cop can be imagined handling serious traffic situations. However it is hard to believe that […]

Funny Management policies for well being of employees

Every organization has some policies. Some rules and policies of all the organizations are exactly similar while some of them are not completely same but they very much resemble to those of others. But some organizations make some special policies exclusively for them. Those rules are made by the Human […]

Funny Facts of Man and Woman

I am going to let you know here some of the extraordinary facts between boys and girls. You can know these qualities of your all boyfriends and girl-friends. If you are a man and you have a girl-friend then it is must for you that you should know her qualities […]