Top 5 Funniest TV commercials of all time

Television commercials are short videos which describe a product of service (mostly in a positive manner). To be more specific, a Television commercial is a span of television programming produced by and paid for by an organization which wants to market its product or service. In most cases, television commercials […]

Top 8 Funniest Inventions of all time

The world is simply full of inventions. In fact, the world has gotten to its current stage thanks to the many inventions which have been created. Humans have been inventing stuff ever since they realized they could invent stuff. From the wheel to the modern cell phone, almost everything which […]

Invited in one Wedding went to other one

Once I and my family were invited in my father’s friend wedding ceremony. We didn’t know the family very well because we don’t usually go to their place and neither have they come but as he was my father’s colleagues so we were invited in his wedding reception. Usually, we […]

Ways to make your Wedding Gathering full of Fun

A wedding gathering can at times be a bit of exhausting for those people? There are given some secrets by which you can make your wedding memorable. Jazz Up Your First Dance All eyes will be on you throughout your first move, which would not joke about this the ideal […]