Girls eat bananas and cucumbers to get sexual thoughts

A Muslim clergyman who lives in Europe has given a strange statement for girls. He said that the ladies should avoid eating the fruits and vegetables that resemble the man’s sex-organ. He added that fruits and vegetables such as bananas and cucumbers enhance the sexual thinking of women and so […]

Peanuts in Lungs, Boy in pain

A little boy in India is suffering serious pain in his lungs due to the piece of peanut that is been stuck in his lungs. The doctors are treating the boy continuously but they are unable to help him out. The parents and the doctors all are looking helpless and […]

Do sex with wife else you will be fined

If you have married recently or it is been a long time to your marriage, whatever the time-period be, it doesn’t matter but if you have not done sex with your wife then beware, your wife can do a case in the court against you. You might be thinking that […]