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Indian man kills tiger to increase Masculine Power

Some days back, a female tiger was killed in the Bhoramdeo Wildlife Sanctuary, Raipur city of Chhattisgarh state of India. Since then, the local police and the forest team were investigating this matter that how the female tiger was killed. They were trying to find out that inspite of so […]

Snake in love with woman

In Vijaypur of Mirzapur city of Uttar Pradesh state in India, a snake is in love with a widow woman named Manju. The snake is always seen near the lady, especially when she sleeps. In the night, when no other man dares to come near the village girl then that […]

Goat gave birth to Elephant in India

In Porpan village of Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand state of India, a goat has given birth to a baby elephant. When the baby was born, the goat-keepers feared on seeing it. At first instance, they were not able to express their thoughts. They were thinking that some ghost has arrived […]

Small rat sets human house on fire and burns everything

You might have heard that some human beings have burnt their enemies’ houses. These types of incidents are often seen in Bollywood or Hollywood movies. Sometimes, some accidental leakages or any sort of sparks can cause whole factory or house on fire. But have you ever imagined that a small […]

I want to become Eunuch – Cut my Sex organ

In Ratia district of Fatehabad state in India, a woman was arrested and her crime was that she wanted her husband to become a eunuch so that he becomes incapable of reproduction. The crime looks very strange and even the local police was surprised when they came to know of […]

Strange Love of Girl with Dog

In Ahmedabad city of Gujarat state in India, the parents of 12th class girl are so worried about their daughter that they are referring her to a Psychiatrist. The girl is in love with someone. So, you might be thinking that is she committing any serious crime in the love […]