Flying Saucer seen in sky on Christmas Day

People enjoyed a lot on this Christmas Day. All the people of the world, especially Christians celebrated this day with great fun and enthusiasm. People went to dance parties and had fun. They danced alone and in groups with their friends and relatives.

Indian Sage hovers in air – Reason exposed

You all might have seen in your childhood that some old sages rises in the air above and sits there for some time. They worship God there in air itself and after some time, they come down. It is true that the old saints and God-worshippers used to do this […]

Places where girl wants boy to touch

It is said that woman is the most precious gift given by God to man. Man tries his best to make his woman happy. Husbands try their best to make their wives happy and boys try to make their girl-friends happy. For this, often people think that the girl might […]

Pelirocco Hotel Room made from wool in UK

There is a hotel in United Kingdom which has one room which is made completely from wool. The hotel by the name Pelirocco is in Brighton, United Kingdom and has one room which contains all the things knitted from wool. Except the things that can’t be made from wool are […]

Monkeys made Taiwan female model topless

A female model and student Charmian Chen has become famous in whole world due to some monkeys. Those Bali monkeys fall in love with her and strip her top and made her topless. And then the media cameras clicked on the girl’s breast and flown her photographs everywhere.