Men love to see breast of girl

The French Laboratory has conducted a research in which it has revealed that most of the men across the world love to see the breasts of girls. The research was conducted in the seven countries and it was checked that on which part of the girl, the eyes of both […]

Cat stays and sticks on Cactus Tree for 3 days

In countries like United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, New Zealand etc., people are very much fond of keeping dogs and cats as their pet animals. The people in these countries keep these pets happily and take them out for morning and evening walks. These people love their pet […]

Squirrel stops running car and blocks engine

A person from United Kingdom used to enjoy riding on one of his favorite cars. He used to drive and enjoy seeing various places. On one day when he had to go somewhere, he tried to start his favorite vehicle but was not able to start it. He tried many […]

Clever and Intelligent Donkey – Panna Lal

He catches the thieves and robbers quickly. He is an enemy for all the criminals. Whether the thief is old or new, that thief is easily caught by this experienced detective. No doubt that the thief is clever and has not left any evidence but our Mr. Detective is so […]

American Man Andi Ray Haris eat rat alive

Andy Ray Harris, a 31 years old man living in Utah, United States of America has been offered clean chit by American court. Andy Ray Harris was charged for eating rat alive and the opposite lawyer convicted him of animal cruelty. The people who opposed his rat eating act said […]