Irish Cocaine Man arrested – Drugs in Stomach

A man was arrested in Brazil by Brazilian police for carrying illegal drugs. Actually the man was about to smuggle cocaine drug from Sao Paulo to Brussels when he was caught by the police on the airport. The man identified as PBB is an Irish guy who is a smuggler. […]

Man bites Snake and wounds him

You might have heard that snakes bite human beings and humans die of the poison that is induced in their body by this dangerous reptile. But have you ever dreamed that a human being can also bite the snake and which can result of injury not to human being but […]

Students kissed each other to protest

The students are said to be the future of any country. Generally, when they don’t like any new rule that is imposed on them forcefully then they stand all united and protest against that rule. Sometimes, this protest takes the form of violence and sometimes, it is done with non-violence […]

Man doing sex with Raft in Swimming Pool

You might have seen in movies that a boy or girl enjoys with their partner in the swimming pool. If you live in US, UK etc. western countries then you must have seen these moments live also in the swimming pools. But have you ever seen a man doing sex […]

Ed Stafford crossed Amazon River of 8000 kms

When Ed Stafford first decided to cross vast Amazon River of 4345 miles then nobody was able to guess that this could be made possible. People tried to stop him and asked him to not even think of this as according to them, it was impossible and Ed could only […]