Bomb in School – Rumor by student to cancel exams

In school or college days, sometimes the students who are not well prepared for their examinations dream of their exam to cancel. Some want that the intelligent student should sit in front of them so that they can copy his/her paper. Some dream that any tragedy should happen so that […]

Big Monster Sunflower of 7 meters in UK

Eve Fielding’s home garden has become an attraction spot for all the people now-a-days and people from far away places have started coming to have a look at the garden. It is like an ordinary garden except it contains one sunflower plant that has made its own name and the […]

Poison Man who bites himself from Snakes

A man in Sitamarhi of India is now-a-days gaining much popularity due to his recently discovered hobby. He is a poison-man who loves himself to bite from the dangerous reptiles; snakes. All of us know that the snakes are very poisonous and if they cut on any person’s skin, he […]

Male and Female Frog Marriage

Yesterday on 11 August 2011, a unique marriage happened when a male frog married a female frog. This all happened in Jodhpur of Rajasthan State in India. The news spread so rapidly and became so popular that the people came from far away places to participate in the wedding.