Shocking Ctrl+C

Shocking News about Ctrl+C

If you are a computer guy you might be a big fan of Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V as me was some times before. And to all such persons, this article is must to read. But Thanks to GOD, now I am very well aware of the serious drawbacks of this Cut, Copy, […]

5 Gadgets that will boost your creativity at home

There is an artist lying inside all of us, but usually either we don’t notice him or ignore our artistic selves considering they are worthless for the materialistic obligations of the world. Neither we value our art, nor let others witness and praise our creativity. There is a famous saying […]

Recover Your Data With The Best Recovery Software

Data is any information content that might be in the form of typed data, images or videos which is meant for the transferring it from one receiver to another. This data might be lost sometimes due to accidental incidents or due to any other reason. Therefore, it becomes important to […]

Education online

7 Ways Internet Has Made Education Easier

For all of its pitfalls and disadvantages, it cannot be denied that the Internet is one of the most powerful technological marvels that we are using now. This is especially felt in education where information that used to demand days of finding books in the library can already be accessed […]