Amazing Phone with Amazing Features – Lenovo K3 Note

A quality note for 9999, is something I could least expect. The cost initially poured in some doubts regarding the quality of Lenovo K3 Note. But I was wrong. I bought this product from Flipkart 2 weeks ago with exclusive offers from I thank both and Flipkart for […]

Where to Find Discounts on Your Purchases

Most things in life cost money, so whenever you do anything, you should expect to lose at least a few dollars. The price of things varies, so there is never any telling what you will pay for your items these days, but the good thing is you may not always […]

Evolution of the online world

Internet came into existence in 1990s and the usage of internet has been growing rapidly. As per the study in December 2014, 37.9% of the total world population uses internet and it is 100 times more than that of mid 1990s. Internet is the connection of the networks of networks […]