Facebook Video Calling Introduced

Facebook on Wednesday announced that it has done a collaboration with Skype and it will be launching the Video Calling facility on its website. The CEO of company, Mark Zuckerberg calls this new feature as something super awesome and which is going to bring revolution in social networking.

Google Plus gets spam

Google recently launched Google+, which is getting popular day by day. The Plus is similar to somewhat to Facebook but more attractive and good in design than the biggest social networking channel of present times, Facebook. Google+ is been infected with this spam, just after few days of its launch. […]

Google+ and Plus-One to degrade Facebook Publicity

Google is all set to lower down the facebook publicity and instead it, wants to dig the roots of its newly launched Plus-One service. The aim of this Internet giant was clear when it put off its Buzz and Wave but unfortunately, both of these failed. Initially, all website owners […]

Google gets One Billion Visitors in May

The first time the web Giant Google is able to touch its visitors count to 1 billion. The report as per by ComScore revealed that Google got more than a billion visitors in just one month in May. The exact number is 1 billion 9 million and 699 thousand. Last […]