Google stops Street View Service in India

Google announced its Street View Service last month in India and started recently with Bangalore city. To make it successful, the Google-operated tricycles and cars were moving in and out in Bangalore streets and were taking the images with the special cameras that were mounted on these modern vehicles. These […]

Access Facebook On Mobiles For Free

All of you might be enjoying surfing the world’s biggest social bookmarking channel Facebook and chatting with your friends. You all might be visiting Facebook through your desktop computers but many of you might be missing it on your cell phones. The reason may be that you might not be […]

How Many American People Are Facebook Users

Vincenzo Cosenza made a world map stating that Facebook is most popular Social Networking Website in 119 out of 134 countries. He analyzed the traffic data from Google Trends and Alexa. He further said that in United States, it is on number one and then comes Twitter. But again the […]

Beware Of Fake Microsoft Anti-Virus Update

The Data Protection and IT Security Firm Sophos has warned all Microsoft users to beware of a fake anti-virus that appears to be as a Microsoft important update. The hackers have cleverly designed the page in such a way that it resembles the ditto copy of Microsoft’s update page.

Twitter Rolls Automatic URL Shortening Service

Twitter and Facebook are the most important social bookmarking websites today. The issue with Twitter is that users can post only 140 characters in the messages. If any user wants to share any website link and the link is long enough that it crosses the 140 limit boundary then they […]