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My Perplex Mobile Relationship

Today’s world is a world of innovations and daily surprises. The surprises are propelled and orchestrated by science and scientific developments which are happening at an accelerated pace these days. Internet, mobile telephony, text messaging, satellite communication are all examples of the latest inventions which have microscoped the distances and […]

Outlandish Experience With The Oldie

It was a weekend of a very hot May, there was a serious electricity breakdown in the town as it’s a routine in this part of South Asia. It was sweltering hot and we three at the home were cursing the electricity authorities and the way the country is being […]

Misapprehension At The Cinema

We all are well aware that the development of science has brought many pleasures and joys to us. Cinema is also one of the most attractive pass time in our daily life and most of us are inclined towards watching a movie with our families, spouses and occasionally with our cross […]

Male Criminal Who Become Women Behind Bars

Geoffrey was on a deadly rampage in a country sheep location. His girl rejected him and so, he killed her. This act led Geoffrey to murder 2 other people and leading to quadriplegic of a youngster. After some gap of years, Geoffrey started to adorn the makeup of a woman […]

People With The Wackiest Jobs

Some people like to take up wacky jobs like chewing dog food, sniffing under arms and watching the paint dry. Mark spends his entire day by chewing the treats that is fit for dogs. He says that if the foodstuff cannot be eaten by us then how we can expect […]

Crazy Happening At The Drive Thru

Everyday all of us experience various events which we all find quite surprising yet entertaining simultaneously. A few of these events are so joyful that one can’t forget them even if there is no particular interest of keeping them in mind deliberately. Some of the people around us perform various […]