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Warmick cockatoo accaused of abusing

A Cockatoo acts as a guard

Animals can prove to be pretty productive, provided they are guided the right way. Well yes there are certain smart animals and birds , who can work in your benefit . What you need to do? Just train them the right way and they will become multipurpose. Animals are blessed […]

woman living in China is blessed with quadruplets

A mum’s new invention

Every mother has  her own ways and standards to raise her kids. However one often comes across certain facts , which sounds pretty funny to the ears. The latest news is about quadruplets in China. Yes people! this news is not about technology  regarding China.  It is about a mum’s […]

94 Year old man

It is never too late to start a family

Well I will be revealing you a strange and funny truth. Now some people are genuinely full of life and believe that life should be colorful, even when one is about to hit the death bed. Well that is called a true optimistic approach.Never give upon life, is the moral […]

10 ton burger

Eating Obsession – A Burger of Tons

There are many people in the world, for whom eating is about everything. All that they can think of is food, whenever they are awake or asleep. It would be correct, that some people just live to eat. Eating is the ultimate goal of their life. Life is meaningless for […]

The lucky python, who gets a health checkup

The lucky python, who gets a health checkup

Time is changing fast. Strange and funny things happen in the world every day. It is quite hilarious, that these people do not get medical facilities so easily, but let me tell you , animals do. Every day there are people retaliating on the streets , saying that countries like […]

A Cop who is born to entertain

A Cop who is born to entertain

Now whenever a person thinks about a cop, a very serious thought comes to your mind. One can imagine a cop fighting crime. A Cop can be imagined  catching thieves and chasing thieves.  A traffic Cop can be imagined handling serious traffic situations. However it is hard to believe that […]

Ena and Lily

Hilarious Reality oldest twins in the world

It is a very strange thing , but whenever we  talk about twins, a very cute perception hits the mind. One can never imagine that the concept of twins can be funny. You can imagine twin babies, twin sisters , twin brothers, but never can one imagine twin old ladies. […]