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Sony Ericsson announced W8 Walkman Android Mobile

Sony Ericsson has announced its Android based Walkman phone. The phone is not yet available to purchase, it has just been announced in Indonesia. The phone has 3.2 MP camera with 3 inch touch-screen and looks similar to Sony’s Xperia X8. This is first Walkman Android phone from Sony.

How To make Bread Toasts in Radio

How about you are making toasts in the kitchen and listening to music simultaneously without any additional device like mobile, tape-recorder or a walkman. And it is possible now. Breville VTT296 2-slice Radio Toster has a radio loaded in it. Now people can listen to their favorite breakfast show, while […]

Logitech Z623 Speakers with 2.1 channel

Bringing another edition of latest gadget. This one is dedicated to all the music lovers. The Logitech Z623 with 200 watts of RMS power output speakers are THX certified. Now you have got an alternative to use this gadget foe multiple inputs for three different audio sources. You can use […]

How To do 3D Video Chat – 3D Webcam Minoru

In today’s world everything is totally high-tech. Talk about mobiles or computers, even the switch boards that we use in our home are remote controlled these days. Though excess of everything is bad, however if these cool gadgets are used only when needed can enhance the quality of work and […]

Motorola Milestone 2 launched in India

Motorola has launched its new Android Phone Milestone 2 in India. This phone’s first version, popularly called as Milestone, was a success and now Motorola is again set to go with version 2. Though the official announcement has yet to be done, but the phone is available through an Online […]