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Search your Dream Job on Mobile

Due to Mobile Portability in India, the competition is now in full speed between the mobile companies. With the fear of losing their customers and to get more and more new customers, mobile service providing companies are coming with new plans every day. Recently, Mukesh Ambani’s company Reliance has launched a new service for its customers. The new service […]

World’s Best Hand Warmer – Zippo

In today’s world taking care of body and being stylish is very-very important. Just like if you carry a coin in pocket, can’t forget any side of it. Have you ever thought of a hand warmer which is stylish enough and safe to carry anywhere? Yes it is possible. You […]

Check your weight with WiFi Weighing Machine

All the weight loosing aspirants can have a look on this one. The technology innovators have come-up with Wi-Fi Bathroom Scales. This is first time in the history that no matter wherever you are you will come to know about your weight. The scale is very Ultra Sleek and Stylish […]

Funky Memory Stick

This one is for the people who are tech savvy and like cartoon characters as well. It is framed very beautifully that Learning is not at all proportional (related) to age. Actually framed by nobody and nobody is me…ha ha. Today’s technology is not based on creed, cast, religion, gender, […]

How to wash your keyboard

Did you ever notice the dust particles entering in the soft keys of the keyboard? And if you have then you might have tried cleaning your keyboard with a piece of cloth or some spray etc. And after cleaning the keyboard what about the micro-organisms entering inside. You can use […]

Save electricity through Wattson – New Year Innovation

This year everybody has resolutions. Somebody has for good health, some for stable wealth, and others for smart-working future. You might see people planting trees, using recyclable bags and halogen lights in place of the regular bulbs. We are heading towards an era where all the resources are consumed at […]