ice bucket challnge

The bucket challenge!

Washing, bathing, cleaning, storage are some of the usages of bucket which I know. But, recently, “the bucket” is getting famous in the names of “ice bucket and book bucket”. And, you know, there is another bucket which we love, guess? It is the KFC Chicken bucket. (Oops, you are […]

Conjoined Twins Sharing The Same Body

The rarest of rare conjoined twins, Brittany and Abby Hensel, who share the same torso but have separate bodies and heads – a phenomenon that happens occurs once in a trillion. Their parents were told by doctors that the chances of them surviving for even a day was remote, soon […]

Man doing sex with dog

A man living in Sacramento, California of United States of America has been given ten years of serious imprisonment for sexually torturing a little puppy. The man by the name Robert Edward De Shields did sex with his 8 month old Chihuahua and when the court came to know of […]

Girls in Britain removing clothes for higher studies

Sometimes back, I wrote about girls in America removing their clothes for earning money so that they can run their livelihood. The American young girls are compelled to follow this profession as they need money to sustain their lives. This trend of falling into either prostitution or removing clothes and […]