Most Suicides in world in China

China is on number one when compared to population of the world. The Chinese government is trying their best to control this increasing population and in many ways, they are gaining success too. But the government is unable to control the increasing number of suicides in the country.

Maximum number of Coins thrown in Air

You all know about the world renowned spiritual organization Dera Sacha Sauda with its head office in Sirsa, Haryana of India. The organization has around 50 branches all over the world, with its volunteers worldwide. There is not even a single country in the world where the organization does not […]

Hannah Harpin – Girl who cannot resist Heat

The favorite hobby of most of the small children is playing. Children love to play most than any other activity like studying, watching movies etc. I remember my childhood days when I used to play through whole day from early in the morning till late night. Small kids don’t care […]

Girl with most soft skin like butterfly wings

Ever human being love small children, whether the child is yours or of any neighbors or of any stranger. Children are always cute and especially parents love their kids a lot. But Hollie Shaw’s mother can’t love her daughter. If you want to know the reason then please read below.

Worlds Biggest yellow Diamond Golden Eye

An auction is going to take place in United States of America next month. The interesting fact of this auction is that a yellow color diamond would be sold in it. The name of this yellow color scarce stone is ‘Golden Eye’. It is of 43 carats.