Megan Stewart from Scotland cannot comb hair

A small girl in Scotland is suffering from a disease in which she is not permitted to comb her hair by the doctors. The doctors said that if she will comb her hair forcefully and with great pressure then her brain could shut down. Megan Stewart is 13 years girl […]

American Twin Brothers joined Face-to-Face

Tyler Delp and Stefan are the twin brothers living in South Jersey, United States of America and are happy on what nature has given them. Both brothers are joined through heads so that one head looks forward and other is in opposite direction. Their heads are joined in such a […]

Woman with Worlds Largest Breasts and Bras

Most of the women in this world want the large breasts and in good shape. But the large breasts have created a problem for American woman Annie Hawkins Turner, whose breasts have turned into a very big size. Guinness Book of World Records has also confirmed the same and has […]

India is the Third Most Powerful Country in the World

There’s good news for India and all Indians. It can be shocking news for all of us but yes it is true. According to the official United States report on global governance, India is being declared as the 3rd most powerful nation in the world. America has recognized India’s developing […]

The Tallest Teen Girl in the World

Elisany Silva, a teen Brazilian girl, was born on September 27, 1995. Yet she hasn’t completed her 15 and is just 14 years old but still has a height of 6.9 feet. If we measure this height in meters, it comes out to be 2 meter and 6 centimeters which […]