Iceland Volcanic Eruption

Several flights between Europe and Asia were cancelled due to the ashes generated from the volcano near Eyjafjallajokull glacier in Iceland. The ash volcano paralyzed European airports. Within a month, this is the second time that the volcano has erupted. As a result of volcano, sky is filled with ice, […]

List of Top 10 World’s Richest Persons

The famous magazine Forbes has declared the top-most wealthiest persons on earth and has put the names in a list. In this 2010 list of Forbes, there are some old faces like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Indians need to be proud on some of the Indian personalities like Mr. […]

World’s 8 Most Expensive Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones have now become the basic need of any human being. Even the hawkers and vegetable-sellers have started keeping the mobiles now-a-days. Previously, common saying was that man needs food, shelter and cloth for the survival but now the man can’t depend on just these 3 things. The basic […]