Chirayu Amin – The New IPL Chairman

Lalit Modi has been suspended and in place of him Chirayu Amin, Baroda Cricket Association President, was appointed as the interim Chairman of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Previous Lalit MOdi was the chairman of the IPL but has been suspended due to twenty two charges against him including charges on financial irregularities, match fixing and money laundry.

The meeting including thirteen members was held in Wankhede Stadium Cricket Centre in Mumbai. Those members who was present in the meeting apointed the board vice president Chirayu Amin as the new interim chairman of IPL.

Mr. Modi denied all the charges which were against him and said that he is innocent and is not involved in any of the irregularities in finance. But the Investigation Department did not hear his any appeals and declared him as fraud.

The Team said that the person who is blamed with so many charges cannot be the leader of such a game, which is considered as the best game of the country. As it is clear that Indians love bat and ball game i.e., cricket more than any other sport.

Indian people take off from their jobs, schools, colleges just to see the cricket matches. They love this sport more than their friends and family-members and to cheat on money in this matter is to like playing with more than 100 million emotions.

The CBI said that it is untolerable and so Modi can’t be with IPL anymore.

They suspended him and declared Chirayu Amin as the new chair person.

Mr. Amin accepted the post and pledged that he will try his best to be the best on this seat.

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