ICC Twenty20 Cricket World Cup 2009 schedule

ICC Twenty-20 Cricket World Cup 2009 is starting on 16th june. India won the first 20-20 cricket world cup tournament which was held in south africa in 2007. 12 teams are divided into 4 groups consisting of 3 teams each. You can purchase tickets to T20 cricket tournament from here.

There would be total 27 matches, which would be played in just 3 stadiums. So, here goes the complete schedule of T-20 world cup 2009:

Match Stadiums
•Lords Cricket Ground, London, England(United Kingdom)
•Oval, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
•Trent Bridge Nottingham, Nottingham,United Kingdom

Team Groups
A= India, Bangladesh, Ireland group
B = England, Pakistan, Netherlands group
C = Australia, SriLanka, West Indies group
D = New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa.

Twenty20 World Cup 2009 : Complete Match schedule
Date Matches between Venue Start Timings
05 June 2009 England vs Netherlands Lords 10:00pm India/05:30pmUK
06 June 2009 New Zealand vs Scotland Oval 02:30pmIndia/10:00am UK
06 June 2009 Australia vs West Indies Oval 06:00pm India/01:30pm UK
06 June 2009 India vs Bangladesh Nottingham 10:00pm India/05:30pm UK
07 June 2009 South Africa vs Scotland Oval 06:00pm India/01:30pm UK
07 June 2009 England vs Pakistan Oval 10:00pm India/05:30pm UK
08 June 2009 Ireland vs Bangladesh Nottingham 06:00pm India/01:30pm UK
08 June 2009 Australia vs Sri Lanka Nottingham 10.00pm India/05:30pm UK
09 June 2009 Pakistan vs Netherlands Lords 06:00pm India/01:30pm UK
09 June 2009 New Zealand vs South Africa Lords 10:00 pm India/05:30pm UK
10 June 2009 Sri Lanka vs West Indies Nottingham 06:00 pm India/01:30pm UK
10 June 2009 India vs Ireland Nottingham 10:00pm India/05:30pm UK
11 June 2009 D1 vs A2 Nottingham 06:00pm India/01:30pm UK
11 June 2009 B2 vs D2 Nottingham 10:00pm India/05:30pm UK
12 June 2009 B1 vs C2 Lords 06:00pm India/01:30pm UK
12 June 2009 A1 vs C1 Lords 10:00pm India/05:30pm UK
13 June 2009 C1 vs D2 Oval 06:00pm India/01:30pm UK
13 June 2009 B1 vs D1 Oval 10:00pm India/05:30pm UK
14 June 2009 A2 vs C2 Lords 06:00pm India/01:30pm UK
14 June 1009 A1 vs B2 Lords 10:00pm India/05:30pm UK
15 June 2009 B2 vs C1 Oval 06:00pm India/01:30pm UK
15 June 2009 B1 vs A2 Oval 10:00pm India/05:30pm UK
16 June 2009 D1 vs C2 Nottingham 06:00pm India/01:30pm UK
16 June 2009 D2 vs A1 Nottingham 10:00pm India/05:30pm UK
18 June 2009 Super 8s Semi-Final 1 Nottingham 10:00pm India/05:30pm UK
19 June 2009 Super 8s Semi-Final 2 Oval 10:00pm India/05:30pm UK
21 June 2009 Grand Finale Lords 07:30pm India/03:00pm UK


Also, look at India Vs Pakistan Finals T20 2007.

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    Atleast I would be able to watch this. Couldnt watch any of the IPL games due to college.
    But seriously, do we need practise games before a T20 tournament?

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    heya i would like part time work on these days what is the procedure any agency hiring or somebody know about thanks

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  5. Glenn Fernandes says:

    After the success of IPL, now its time for the 20-20 world cup. There are total 12 teams which are divided into 4 groups. 8 teams will be selected for the super 8, 4 will play for the semi-finals and 2 for finals. I am supporting India.

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