Indian Cricket Team got Fake World Cup Trophy – Rumor

Do you think that Indian Cricket Team got fake Trophy after winning World Cup 2011? No, it’s not true. A lot of buzz was going on that the original trophy is with Customs Department of Delhi. Board of Cricket Council in India (BCCI) also confirmed that the trophy given is not original. Some people said that the original trophy is made of pure Gold and Silver and it keeps all the participant teams list and the flags of their respective countries while the Winning Trophy given to Indian team lacked all these. Also, media said that since government of India did not pay the customs tax for importing the trophy in the country, so Customs kept trophy in its custody.

Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) said in a statement that BCCI has asked it to keep ICC Perpetual Trophy in its custody. It added that ICC Trophy at Mumbai Airport was just a promotional cup and it has nothing to do with the World Cup Trophy. CBEC further cleared that the news exaggerated by Indian Media that “original ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 was lying in the Airport Customs” Warehouse in Mumbai is just a RUMOR and not true. It said that the trophy seized by the customs was the “promotional, perpetual” trophy which remains in the keeping of ICC at its Dubai Headquarters.
Fake World Cup Trophy

As per CBEC, 2 passengers named Rixon Heyder and Emma Waite arrived on Mumbai Airport on April 1. They came from Colombo and were carrying a trophy in their personal baggage which was claimed to be “ICC Perpetual Trophy”. That trophy was seized and not the original one. It said that not just World Cup, even all other goods that were claimed by BCCI, in a list that BCCI gave them, were exempted from Customs Tax and were released the same moment they arrived. The list did not have that Perpetual trophy name included in it and thus it was seized.

CBEC even contacted ICC Tournament Director Professor R.S. Shetty the same day about the matter so that if there are some misunderstandings, appropriate action could be taken. And Mr. Shetty replied that the questionable trophy should not be confused with the ongoing World Cup and its original trophy. The letter further stated that the fake trophy at Mumbai Customs will be collected by the same 2 passengers when they will return back to Colombo.

Thus, it’s clear that Indian Media flew this matter without any reason and played with 121 crore Indians sentiments. All Indian peoples were hurt by such Fake Trophy statements.

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  1. Indian Cricket Team got Fake World Cup Trophy


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