Ricky Ponting fined with 5400 dollar

Ponting Arguing With Umpire

This time it is Australian Captain Ricky Ponting who is in the news due to his misbehavior with Umpire on the ground during the 4th test match of Ashes Tournament between Australia and England in Melbourne Stadium. This is the first time in the history of Ashes Tournament when Australian team got all out on just 98 runs.

What was the Matter
The fourth match of Ashes Series was going on between Australia and England in Melbourne when Australian Captain Ponting lost its temper on one of the decisions of Pakistani Umpire Aleem Dar and started arguing with him on the cricket ground.

The matter was that the 84th over was in progress. The bowler was Australian Ryan Harris and the batsman in front of him was England’s Kevin Pietersen. During this over, one of his balls went in the hands of the wicketkeeper by touching the edge of the Pietersen’s bat. All Kangaroo team made a strong appeal regarding this to the umpire. But the umpire Dar dismissed the appeal and didn’t give him out.

Ricky Ponting was not satisfied with this decision and using the referral system, he handed over the decision to the Third umpire. But the third Umpire was also with Dar and gave his decision against Kangaroo team. Ponting still was not satisfied and started arguing with other umpire Tony Hill. But later by investigation through Stink meter, it was clear that there was no reaction between ball and bat.

It was found that Ponting was convicted by arguing like this with umpires under Level 1 code of conduct of ICCI and so was fined 5400 dollars or about two hundred and fifty thousand Indian rupees.

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