Shane Warne announced his Retirement

Australia’s Spinner Shane Warne has announced his retirement from IPL matches. He made the announcement on his Twitter profile. He said that Indian Premier League 2011 would be the last season for him to play in IPL cricket matches.

As per Warne’s tweet,

The next few games will be my last in the IPL. I am having a good time but then also it’s time to say goodbye to IPL

Shane Warne is also a Captain and Coach for his team Rajasthan Royals for which he plays.

The senior cricketer asked the public to support him and Rajasthan Royals. He said that he has given his best in the IPLs till now and is very confident that Indian cricket fans will support him.

Shane also mentioned that nobody knows if he would be in the next Indian Premier League or not. So, as per his this statement, he can withdraw his retirement decision also. But as for now, he said that he will definitely retire.

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Sometimes, media spread the news that Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is seen in his dreams when Sachin beat him badly.
Shane Warne Retirement

But whatever it may be, the Australian spinner is well-known for his spin balling and is a very successful bowler. He has played in a lot of matches for his country and was purchased by Shilpa Shetty’s RR to play for her franchisee.

His spin-magic has many a times able to gift many precious wickets to Australia.

The Aussie is loved not only by Australians, but even by many Indians. Many Indian people are his fans and his spin-bowling revolves in their mind. Many want to learn the spinning tricks from him.

The answer to the question that whether the bowler would be seen in next Indian Premier League or not is still not unknown¬†as the decision is not a fixed one and can change with Bowler’s wish.

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