Must See for everyone before going to vote

Are you going to caste your vote today?
Then, please do first answer the following questions

*Are you aware of the person for whom you voting?

*Do you know his educational background?

*Do you know the number of criminal cases against him?

*Are you sure about his character?

If all the above questions answer you ‘NO’ and you want the answers of these questions then do read my today’s posting.

Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW), a nationwide campaign comprising of more than 1200 NGOs and other citizen led organizations, has been working on electoral reforms, improving democracy and governance in India.

You can find any contestant’s educational qualification, criminal background etc. details here.

Till today, it has analyzed 6439 affidavit of candidates contesting from all 543 constituencies (35 states and union territories).

And as a citizen of India, it is everybody’s duty also to see that the person whom they are appointing as the ruler of their country is a good citizen or not. What would be the usage if the person you have made the future of your own country can’t be even the future of his own family. How a person who can’t control the 4-5 members of a family, can control the so big country with population more than 120 crores.


The country’s future is in everybody’s hands. If we are selecting a wrong individual, the other day he will stand on our heads and will shout on us. So, right selection is right for us and wrong is wrong for us. The ill candidate will spoil us after winning and later to our children and the coming generations.

Money minded politicians just fill in their own pockets and they do nothing else. Their sole purpose of winning and fighting the elections is to fill their bank-accounts with black money and take away the wealth of others. They don’t even care to destroy the poor people huts. They can’t be even considered good human beings, then how they can be good leaders? So, a leader should be a good human first and then later only he can be a good politician.

See the below report:

Report of contestants contesting from Chandni Chowk in Delhi

2009 LokSabha Candidates

The primary source for the data used for these reports is the affidavits provided by the candidates themselves. Their team collects copies of affidavits from the respective constituencies and punches their data through a software tailor-made for this purpose.

You can check all this information at Voters Info

The above initiative is a really respectable and should be admired by all, who has taken to bring the educational and criminal background of our leaders in front of us. We should know about the person whom we are going to elect and are going to give our precious votes. Even a single vote should not go waste. Every person’s voting power should be fully utilized and should be used for the welfare of the country.

Always remember, If country goes well, we all would be well. We are with our motherland.

Share this article with every Indian you know.
Remember, Every vote counts…

Jai Hind!!!

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