Funny Management policies for well being of employees

Every organization has some policies. Some rules and policies of all the organizations are exactly similar while some of them are not completely same but they very much resemble to those of others. But some organizations make some special policies exclusively for them. Those rules are made by the Human Resource department of that company and some of them are made to provide extra facilities to the employees while others are made just to suck the blood of the employees :). This sounds some irritating language but it is true that some employers try to suck the blood of their employees in every possible way. They just want work and nothing else. For taking the work to maximum extent, they can do anything. Some even try to change their polices from time to time so that their human resources can be utilized to full extent.

The above paragraph shows some seriousness of corporate world but actually, it is true. Anyways, keeping serious things aside, now let’s move on to the funny part. Let us discuss more on the management and corporate rules that seems sometime as irritating and sometime as funny.

Funny Management policies

The management funny rules are listed in the points below:

1. One girl in-between 2 boys: If any company is small-budgeted one then it follows this girl-boy rule. What a common mentality of boys is that the girls are a perfect timepass for them and if any beautiful girl is sitting next to them then they can pass their time easily and happily. They are also ready to work more in office if their colleague is a girl. The girls often come early to work and so, it becomes for the boys also to reach the office early. In the early morning, they can talk to the female-employees in a much happier mood and can please their female partner easily. The benefit that an organization gets with this is that the male employees start coming office on proper times and early in the morning. This is a funny but important rule that many companies follow.

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2. Team parties: The small parties are organized from time to time by the team-lead within his team. All the members of the team go out in a restaurant and take their co-operate lunch or dinner. In this way, the members of the team get some time to know each other within their team.

3. Know your team: In this event, the manager asks the members of his team to write down their hobbies, interests and what they do in free time. He asks them to mention their favorite movies, songs, videos, audios, comics etc. They also have to mention the name of their any best boyfriend or girlfriend. They have to tell others that how they are feeling in their team and in the organization itself. Along with the funny moments, they have to tell the most frustrating moments of their lives. The persons write everything on a piece of paper that is being given to them by their manager. Some of the written matter is read by the manager in front of everybody while some is kept secret between the management and the employee. This policy is used to make the employees frank with the company so that they can work like as if they are working in their own home. With this, the output of the employees rise and they work more and in a good way.

4. Cultural Events: Cultural events are organized in the organization on special occasions. The special occasion can be any spiritual day, any celebration, the birthday of the organization, the birthday of the founder etc. The employees do the mimicry events, the stage-shows; they dance on the songs and sing songs. Some also play the famous epic deeds.

5. Team Outings: The particular teams go out to visit any particular historical monument or any particular hill-station or city. They all enjoy there and in this way, the team-members then become more good friends.

6. Awards Ceremony: The various awards are given to employees from time-to-time. The awards can be of any cash prize, any gift. Apart from cash or gift, the prizes also include useful certificates.

7. Company Parties: The parties at a broader level are organized specially by the management. In this way, the upper staff comes to know of the lower level staff working under them. The lower guys also feel happy as they are being introduced to the higher management.

8. Company Outings: The outings are organized by the management. Two types of outings are there. In one of the outings, only some extra-ordinary managers are taken out for lunch and dinner with the top persons of the management. In second ones, almost all the workers are taken out and they all enjoy altogether. All go to see any historical monument in one group and enjoy like a family.

9. One-to-one: The manager organizes one-to-one with his team-member once or twice a year. Most probably, this is done some days before appraisal period. In this one-to-one, the team-member tells his manager about his/her achievements in the project and the extra-ordinary work that he has done in the project. The manager then agrees/disagrees on those points and based on that, he gives his feedback and overall score to that person.

10. On-time Awards: The person who reaches at proper timings in the office is awarded by the management. The criteria vary on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis.

11. No-Leave Prize: If any worker does not take any leave in whole of the month then he is awarded for that. In this mode also, the criteria vary from monthly, quarterly, half- yearly and yearly.

12. Mr. Quality Nomination: The person who brings the upmost quality in his/her work is nominated for ‘Mr. Quality’. The person can be a girl or boy. He/she is honored with the same title.

13. Mr. Horizon: Any employee who thoughts of something, that if, is followed by the management, can give extra earnings to the company, is nominated for ‘Mr. Horizon’ and is awarded accordingly.

14. Best Entrepreneur: If any employee has been chosen as ‘Mr. Horizon’ and he/she becomes successful in bringing laurels to the organization then the management award him as ‘Best Entrepreneur’.

15. Mr. Speedster: The worker who does his job at a good speed becomes eligible for this ‘Mr Speedster’ prize. The other condition in this category is that the work completed should adhere to the full standards.

16. Mr Attitude: If any worker keeps good relations with his/her manager and the whole management and does the work that is in the welfare of the organization then he/she is nominated for ‘Mr Attitude’ and is been awarded for the same.

17. Best Employee: The employee who fits well in all of the above categories and ranks higher among his all other colleagues then he is nominated for ‘Best Employee’ prize.

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