Asia’s largest library and types of readers

Though I can’t call myself as a voracious reader, I hope that I’m eligible to label me as a “chotti (small – is the meaning right? I don’t know Hindi actually) reader” 😛 As I have shifted from home town to Chennai recently, that too to an area which is close to the Asia’s largest library – Anna centenary Library, I have decided to visit the library, one weekend. But, after postponing numerous times because of laziness, finally, I’ve peeped into the library, last weekend. Wow, it was really huge with all the sophistication; I’ve never seen such a library in my life time of 20 years, before this! “Wow, wow, wow”, I wanted to stay there the whole day, but, came out in 2 hours as I felt soooo… sleepy after reading continuously sitting in an air conditioned reading hall.

I’m going to narrate neither about the books that I read and came across in the library nor about the facilities and bore you. What I’m going to explain is about the different types of readers.

Type 1 – We call them “nerds”!

I have always felt that the word “nerdy” is harsh or might hurt someone, because, long long ago, so long ago, I was one of those “nerdy” readers. These kids read only text books and related stuffs, a big NO to novels, humor and lively stuffs. Even in library they go to those, “Engineering, Science, economics” kind of sections. But, believe me, they can be converted into the normal ones like the present me!


Type 2 – We call them “romantic Romeos & Juliets”

As the title obviously explains they are so lovely. They need the four letter word LOVE, in the theme of every book they read. “Oh honey, I missed you so much last week…!” They need all these cheesy dialogues in the novels to finish it in one go.

Type 3 – Semi nerd-o!

This kind also reads the text book most times, but, in addition to that they also read books like “How to be a good son, daughter, daughter in law, son in law, cousin, niece, nephew…”, all those books which provides you with good dose of advice. (Oh, you say, this is super nerd-o? Yea, can consider that way also)

Type 4 – The killer kids

They read only killer series, thriller comics, fight, war, violent novels or books! These are the ones who attempt all those scenes from the books for real and get into trouble. Believe me, this type exists!

Type 5 – Perfect bookworm

This type reads all the type of books, let it be text book or a book about how to cook or the one which involves so much romance, or history, this category can tolerate all kinds of books and we can label them as bookworms without giving a second thought. And, surely, these types can make a good author and they will have that ambition to become an author of a best seller (See, just not an author, but, the author of a best seller)


So, which category you are in?

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