The bucket challenge!

Washing, bathing, cleaning, storage are some of the usages of bucket which I know. But, recently, “the bucket” is getting famous in the names of “ice bucket and book bucket”. And, you know, there is another bucket which we love, guess? It is the KFC Chicken bucket. (Oops, you are a veggy? Then, we will give you cauliflower bucket)

bucket challng1

The Ice Bucket Challenge

This was started initially for raising funds for a neuron disorder (ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) research. The disease starts only after 60 years usually and has symptoms like difficulty in swallowing, muscular wasting. The idea is to create awareness about the disease. You have to pour a bucket of ice cold water over your head or you should donate some money for the research. But, it became kind of a funny stuff and got extremely famous recently. People started shooting their ice bucket bath and uploading in YouTube (Read: Tall & short). Things got in twist and people started writing about their top ten favorite books in the internet and named their list “book bucket”.

ice bucket challnge

The book bucket challenge

Followed by the famous ice bucket, recently, the book bucket challenge is so much famous in the social networks.  Most of the face book users, twitter people and bloggers had already published their favorite top ten books. You should rank top ten books that you have read and can also mention the highlights of the literature piece. There must be a purpose for doing something; the main motto of the book bucket challenge is to increase the habit of reading.You should read the 10 books mentioned by your friend in a week duration. Nowadays, we find time for movies, but we fail to find for books, right?

When you are a voracious reader, you can easily list top ten books. If you have never read something other than text books, how come you rank? So, the quality of your top ten books indirectly cast your reading interest. In this challenge, I have come across a cute list of books which had “Cinderella, snow white, adventures of tintin etc.,”. The list was by a girl (obviously) who never reads much other than text books. I found the list so cute and childish, it shows her character, and she must be soft hearted!


Then another list which I came across last week was really a ROFL kind. The list had “KG rhymes, 1st std G.K book, 3rd std Mathematics (publisher – Macmillan), 5th class social science, 7th std economics (publisher – oxford), atlas, multiplication tables, log book, etc.,

Recently, websites and blogs have started publishing the imaginary book bucket lists for famous politicians and leaders. There are imaginary book bucket lists published for the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and also other leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal etc., making it a fun(OMG, people are even making fun of leaders!!! You know, I’m so much afraid to make fun of famous people, what if the cops arrest me on my way to college saying, “cyber crime”?!!! So, I dropped my idea of writing an imaginary book bucket list for my favorite hero, sob, sob! 🙁 ). Somebody commented asking for “Chota Beem” book in Rahul Gandhi’s imaginary list :O in a website. I mean, seriously?

So, what about your bucket challenge? I prefer the KFC bucket challenge 😉 What about you?

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