The Disastrous Blunder

We have a servant at home. He is a young guy, around 23 years of age. Although he is not completely illiterate, he acts as if he knows nothing in the world. Quite often in our house very strange things keep happening due to this guy and all of my family members  remain stunned how a normal person can do such foolish acts. The guy knows how to read the local language and we consider that as a blessing, because it helps us in asking him to get things for us from the market or so, if we write down a list or so.

The Cause of Event:
Yesterday morning I asked my mom to bake an apple pie for me. She is a very nice cook and her skills in baking are absolutely superb. When we were young my mom used to bake a lot for us but over the years, things changed a lot and our trend shifted more towards fast food and we started buying readymade edible items from the bakery that had opened near our house. It was a very nice bakery but still I used to miss my mom’s baking and her excellent skills in this regard, hence I placed this request of baking an apple pie in front of her. She readily agreed, rather she told me that she was having a mood to bake something for us as it would be fun and it would also provide her with a chance to revise her recipe.

We asked this servant of ours, named Imran to go to the local mart and get the items required for the needful. We prepared a list of goods and handed it over to him and off he went to the store. After about half an hour he returned from the store with the items. My mother had specially asked him to bring an ingredient known as ‘Maida’ from the store, as she didn’t have this as home and it was essential for baking, however she added that it must be of ‘key’ brand which is considered the leading brand of such items here in our city. Imran however had forgotten this and we came to know later on that he had returned with ’Maida’ but not from the required brand. As my mother inquired, Imran told us that the guy at the store had given him ‘Maida’ which he himself had packed into packets of half kilograms. These packs were made from transparent plastic and provided a nice view of the white coloured ‘Maida’, however it didn’t have any tag on itself. My mom had also asked Imran to get some Vim for us, the Vim that we use here doesn’t sell in coloured packs, its rather a local cheaper version of Vim. It has whitish bags containing it and is available in small packets of various sizes.


The Phone Call:
Just as we were discussing this stuff the phone rang, it was for my mom, Her friend was calling, mom asked Imran to prepare the ingredients and to open the bags of the items that were present in her recipe book. She also told him to throw away their packs and keep the other items in their respective racks as the entire kitchen was looking much in shambles. Imran did so and mom returned to the kitchen after about 10 minutes. Imran wasn’t there, He had left for his servant quarter on completion of his work.

Mom started beating eggs and cutting apples, mixed butter. I too joined her in the kitchen and we were enjoying our baking, just  as we were about to add ‘Maida’ we heard a shout ‘STOP’, we turned and were stunned to see Imran running like crazy. He came to us and was sweating, it was quite evident that he had rushed to the spot and was about to say something very important, so we stopped.

The Dramatic Ending:
Imran the foolish guy then informed us that he had committed a very serious blunder and that we were quite fortunate that as soon as he reached his quarter he realized that he had mixed up Maida with the Vim. However he soon recalled that the white bag he had opened contained Vim and not Maida. We were so flabbergasted by this happening that we didn’t know what to do other than hysterically bursting into laughter at this act of the stupid guy.

However we appreciated that he recalled it timely and saved us all from a very strange happening.

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