The Experience At Zoo

Practical life is quite dull and boring. It drains out the energy of a person and really makes him suffer. There has to be an energy source that charges one up and prepares him for the upcoming week once more. For me visiting places with my family members is this source of jubilation which revitalizes me. I quite often go out with them, we dine out and enjoy our time in the best possible way. Last Weekend’s Scene: Last weekend we decided to go to the zoo after a very hectic week. There was a lot of rush but still as we had made our mind already we went in to get the tickets and after a really tiring effort of 15 minutes I got them. My elder brother’s son was too enthusiastic about the trip and in fact he had been talking about it all the way from home. He also informed us what he had read about zoo in one of his story books.

Experience at Zoo

After getting the tickets we went inside. Started exploring the zoo as a lot of changes had taken place since the last time when I had visited it. I could find a lot of improvement and found all the renovations quite impressive. Then we decided to split up and later meet again at the main gate after an hour or so. We also decided that in case of any emergency we could easily contact each other via cell phones and thus could stay in touch. I decided to take my brother’s young boy, with me as I thought he would enjoy more with me than. He had the same point of view.

The Game:
We went here n there exploring, without reading any sort of instruction board. After which we started playing with a  tennis ball, the rule of the game however was that who so ever throws the ball too hard will have to bring it back else he would be fined. After about five minutes of play I however threw the play so hard that it went straight into the cage of monkeys. This however was a place where none of us could go and hence we had to bring the game to a halt as we couldn’t find any other ball being sold there.

Recalling The Story:
However I soon recalled that story about a hunter in jungle whose cap was stolen by a monkey who climbed up a tree afterwards and was not willing to give it back. At which the hunter threw his handkerchief on the ground, copying which the monkey threw the cap too and the hunter got hold of it. So I thought of doing the same here. Thinking that the trick would work absolutely perfect and I would get the ball back. I got hold of my key chain, took out all the keys and threw it at a distance. Now I was expecting the monkey to copy me and do the same at which I would get hold of the ball, but instead the monkey leaped forward, got hold of the keychain too and went away, standing at a distance he stopped, tunred around, looked at me and nodded as if saying ‘No boy, you are not the only one who has learnt from that story’. It was a fun experience, however.

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