Fast Food Order gone wrong

Fast food eating is convenient because all you need to do is show up in front of the counter and order. There is no need to take out ingredients, chop them, and then cook. It is not very healthy but many fast good chains have now decided to bring in healthier options so people can choose how much nutrition they want to have.

Eating in a fast food rather than another type of restaurant is also cheaper because sit-down food establishments often have very expensive food and you have to pay for the ambience and décor. It is not all fun and games however when you decide to not cook and instead go to a fast food. Lining up in a fast food restaurant however takes time because people go up to the cashier and then read the menu, so basically they do not know what they want to eat. Often things will go faster if you have already decided what you want to order, that way there is less hassle and the line moves faster.


It is also very courteous to the person behind you because you did not make them wait for their turn very long.  But of course, even if you have already decided on what to eat, you change your mind when facing the cashier and see the menu up close.

So take this scenario now. A friend and I walkinto a fast food restaurant and there is a very long line. This is a very popular fast food chain so there are a lot of people. This chain also has a lot of menu options to choose from.

My friend and I are standing in the line to order our food. We are having a conversation while deciding what to eat. I looked at the menu and think to myself “well I think I already know what to do and what to order.”

I asked my friend what she wanted and it looked like she was still deciding what to get. So we kept standing in line and talking.

funny burger

The line was moving slowly so there was enough time for both of us to finalize what our orders are by the time we got to the cashier.

When we were facing the cashier, I ordered first. I decided what I wanted to order while we were in line but I changed it a bit.

I got my food and then it was friend’s turn. I looked at her. She looked scared.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I forgot what I wanted to order!” my friend said.

The line was growing longer and my friend started panicking.

She blurted out the first thing she had in her mind.

But the cashier was staring at her. She repeated her order and the cashier asked her again what was that she wanted. My friend was starting to get mad.

Finally she realized why the cashier was staring at her.

She was ordering food from another fast food restaurant’s menu.

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