The Funniest Life Quotes ever

The laughter is regarded as a medicine for our health. Laughter keeps us fit and healthy. In fact a lot of studies have shown that laughter prevents heart attack. I always feel lighter and more relaxed after having a burst of laughter and even my energy level is also boosted after laughing. Laughter helps us to stay focused and also reduces the level of stress.

Recently I was reading a funny book which was based on the different funny life quotes that can make you laughter. I read that book and I just burst with laugh. And at moment I realized that reading the funny quotes is a great source of laughing and having loads of fun. I can guarantee you that after reading those funny quotes, all your sadness will be kicked off and you will found yourself rolling out of laugh and fun. One of my friend who failed in her last semester, just turned out mad by laughing after I had told her those funny quotes. They bring happiness and joy to the lives of the people. Actually it is really very important to loud at loud in several times of our lives for minimizing the effects of stress and maximizing the happiness and joy in our lives.

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So, for this reason I am sharing some of the funniest life quotes with you whom I read from that book, and I am sure these quotes would surely tickle your funny bone. You will definitely burst in laughter and will laugh badly after reading these funny quotes. These are as follows:

After a one year therapy treatment, my therapist come and said to me, ‘’May be life is not for everyone’’.

May your life be just like the toilet paper, ‘’long and useful’’.

Eat everything right, exercise regularly, live clean and ‘’die anyway’’.

We all are born wet, naked and hungry, ‘’then things get worst’’.

Our life is full of disappointments,’’ and I am just full of life’’.

Oh! Was that funny? I think it was too funny to digest. I am definitely sure that you will also fall from your seats after reading these funny lines. Let me share one more funny fact with you, I actually experienced the first one quote in my real life.


These funny quotes have very deep meaning sometimes and they are also close to the reality of lives. They are the best source of getting happier and enjoy the colors of life. I simply love to read the new and funniest life quotes and whenever I felt something stress or sadness at any point of my life. I know that all of you are agreed to my point. There are a lot of sources from where you can get the funniest quotes and can make your life lighter and happier. So all the fun lovers who want to get into the roller coaster ride of fun and laughter can read these quotes like me for laughing and making your time memorable.

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