Funny and Interesting Facts about Women

It is often said that women are the most complex creatures that have ever made by God. Most of the men believed that women are impossible to understand as they change their statements in every session (well! it may be right, in most of the times). For years, the men have battled by the women and the saying that ‘’ women from the Venus and men from the Mars’’ seems to be very correct. There is nothing about in this battle, yes off course it is romantic, but in some cases it seems really very funny.  Now, here today I am discussing and sharing some of the funniest and strangest facts about the women. Actually I have deeply analyzed these things regarding the funny behavior of the women.

The first and the most funny fact is that women is that they change they keep on changing their mind (and moods as well!) Once I was in lunch with one of my female friends and at first she said that I want Chinese. And when I returned from wash room, she was eating burger and fries. I am always confused while going somewhere (especially for shopping) with the women because every time they change their demand and mood. Women when shopping are the most horrible creatures.


Another very funny thing which I have noticed about women that they never say something is wrong. I mean they wanted the men to understand what wrong has happen (Well! how a man should know about something wrong unless he knows the art of face reading). Most of the times when I am spending time with my female friends I have noticed that pretend to be OK all the times and never confess something wrong and expect from us to diagnose the actual reason for their problem. The mood swings of women are just like the roller coaster ride of paly lands.

Women always want to ask some of the trickiest and mysterious questions form the men.  They are never happy with their things (I mean their boyfriends or husbands). They keep asking the trick questions so that they can trap the men. Once they are get into any suspicion, then there is no power which can satisfy them.


Making women satisfied and happy seems to be like one of the most difficult tasks of the world. The reason is that women want everything perfect in their lives and just according to their mood and taste. Most of the funniest questions asked by women are like:

Am I looking fat?

You don’t love me now!

You have changed yourself totally!

How much do you love me?

I don’t like your habits!

You have to change yourself for me!

You have disappointed me!

I am sure that all of you are laughing, because every body of you has encountered the same sentences in your lives hundreds of times. It is very true that women are complicated but life is colorless without them (and their funny demands).

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