Funny and Memorable idea for Marriage Proposals

Make a riddle:

Make a riddle out of a picture of your proposal. Shroud the few pieces with the words will you wed me until the finish. When she begins searching for the pieces imagine that you find them and watch her astonish when she puts the last bits of the riddle together. Likewise makes an extraordinary memento when stuck in a frame.

Throughout a Parade:


Is there a Memorial Day, Fourth of July or parade heading up in your neighborhood? Get in touch with the individual who runs it and discover provided that you can either remained on a buy and haul out a gigantic Will You Marry Me Sign when you arrive at where she is standing or let a companion drop by in an auto, horse and so forth. It will provide obviously a pleasure.

Basic but Romantic:

On the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve – carry out the ring. At this moment you all will be with your loved ones and totally dress up for an event. She or he will never get a clue that you are going to propose her.

Illuminate it:

Is there any place where both of you like to go for a walk? If it is then spell your message and put each word on trees. And if you like to go on beach then put the message spellings on the stones so your partner may see them.

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day:


Wrap the ring in a senseless blessing like a couple of shoes. When she gets the marginally frustrated look of having appropriated shoes for Christmas, excitedly let her know to search inside them for the matching combine of socks. Inside one of the shoes have the ring in box holding up.

The Psychic:

Have somebody play a “psychic” at a companion’s house. Assuming that your better half is into this kind of thing it will get her. Assuming that she is not into this kind of thing – it will truly get her. Tell the individual playing the psychic a couple of bizarre things about your lady friend that will have her astonished when the psychic does her perusing. At that point have the psychic say “there is an engagement in your future – your instantaneous future – now that it’s been brought up, in your five moment future.” Then you venture out from behind in the psychic with ring under control.

Give her a blow up bunch:

You can put flower petals in one or two, four separate sheets of paper in four separate inflatables that say will you Marry Me or the ring itself inside the blow ups as they are, no doubt exploded with helium. Have her pop the inflatable with a long pin. That is one she will always remember.

Computer Proposal:

Assemble a slide indicate on a project like Power Point. Put it to music and fill the slide indicate with great photographs of the two of you. Imagine it is simply something you did when you were exhausted. At the finish make the last six pictures of the slide show have one statement on them each. For example, “Suzeine…will… You…marry…me? Have the last picture be of the ring. When she turns to you in stun, be remaining behind her with the ring under control.

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