Funny Prank Call ideas to make a lot of fun

Notwithstanding, they could be extremely aggravating, troubling and really fasten individuals up, particularly when you call them at the wrong time.

The most entertaining trick calls are those that will keep you chuckling for a long time subsequently. In spite of the fact that some individuals are characteristic at playing tricks, others oblige a few pointers. When you succumb to the last class, don’t stress. Read on for some amusing trick call plans. Delight in your calls and have a great time!

Thoughts for Hilarious Prank Calls are given below:

  1. 1.    Congratulations! You Won!


You will frequently uncover a few restaurants having little boxes, where you fill a structure for an opportunity to win something. On the off chance that individuals known to you have additionally topped it off, ring them and educate them that they have won the prize. Request that they grab the prize in individual and dole an area far out, at a surprising time.

  1. 2.    Name Swap

At whatever point you uncover your hubby’s telephone lying around, rapidly change your name in his phonebook with his supervisor’s name. Provide for them him a call a couple of minutes later. He will imagine that his supervisor is calling him. When you can adjust your voice a bit, better! Ask your hubby to do something truly amusing!

  1. 3.    Numerous Caller Wrong Number prank

This trick will be incredible with an aggregation of companions. Alternate and call the exploited person, enquiring about Alice (or whatever available name). The victimized person is certain to reply “No, you have the wrong number”. Next, let an alternate companion get back to requesting the same name. The point when the victimized person truly gets disturbed, ring him, let him know that you are Alice, and approach if anybody has been calling for you.

  1. 4.    Your Mobile Has Been Stolen


Call your exploited person saying that somebody has reported that his/ her versatile has been stolen. Brief them that their number will be detached in the following 5 minutes.

  1. 5.    You are Live On The Radio

Professing to be a RJ from a neighborhood radio station, call your victimized person. State that the victimized person is live on the show and need to answer three straightforward inquiries to win a weekend outing to an incident goal. Guarantee to make rundown of underhanded and amusing inquiries ahead of time, to humiliate your victimized person.

  1. 6.    Telephone Engineer Wants To Test Your Phone

Call your victimized person putting on a show to be a designer from their system supplier. Brief them that the lines have been providing for them some issue and requirements to be tried by the trade’s voice distinguishment framework. Make note of some inept expressions and make your exploited person rehash the same for voice testing.

  1. 7.    Your Order Is Ready

Give a call to your victimized person, asking him/ her to affirm your bookings for something. The individual will without a doubt question any such request. Contend with the individual and remind him/ her of the installment for the said number of products. Demand him/her to convey the requested merchandise promptly.

  1. 8.    I am Pregnant news

Dial up any arbitrary number and when the individual grabs your call, educate him, “hey… I have awful news… I am pregnant.” The news is certain to panic the damnation out of the audience

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